Verena – artist, author, photographer, illustrator.

“I have always enjoyed science, nature and art.

As a medical scientist, I enjoyed identifying abnormal blood cells with a microscope.

As a mineralogist, I enjoyed discovering diamonds and other minerals with a microscope.

However, the fascinating little creations of nature from the ocean, opened up a new world for me;

the study and analysis of sea shells and molluscs.

I enjoy creating interesting shell characters, designing beautiful shell art, learning about molluscs

and combining everything, to write and illustrate children’s stories and producing artistic pictures.

I’m hoping to share my interest and fascination with sea shells through art and education.

Sea shells are actually precious minerals, composed of pure calcium carbonate,

with amazing shapes, colours, patterns, designs and microscopic detail.

They are also my pencils, acrylics, water colours and inspirations…

Hope you enjoy my Shell Art and books.

Thanks, Verena.”


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