(2 PICTURES)… I created two postcards with my seashell designs and photography of the Capricorn Coast, Australia. (Keppel Island and Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia)

Shell Art

Beach flowers

(4 PICTURES)… Originally made by very clever molluscs, then collected from the beach, these incredible little ocean treasures radiate stunning beauty. They are amazing flowers from the beach, like the […]

Shell Art

Precious spirals

(4 PICTURES)… Nature’s precious spiral and cone shaped shells (univalves) are displayed in this picture frame and within the frame, all in white with shades of beige, yellow, orange and […]

Shell Art

Cowrie shells

(4 PICTURES)… Beautiful, precious Cowrie shells are either pink, purple, blue, beige, white, green or brown. They have a highly polished exterior and once were so valuable, that they were […]