Shell Art

Ocean bells

(3 PICTURES)… Bells of the ocean grow on tentacles with many branches… They wave gently in the ocean currents and produce beautiful under water melodies…

Shell Art

Shell ink

(5 PICTURES)… Magical sea shells. I’ve used seashells to illustrate my books, calendar, postcards and many different pictures as well as created characters for stories… Like ink, pencils, watercolours, paint… 

Shell Art

Limpet shells

(4 PICTURES)… There’s an amazing and beautiful variety of Limpet shells. They are herbivores and live on rocks where they scrape off algae at high tide, for food.



(2 PICTURES)… I created two postcards with my seashell designs and photography of the Capricorn Coast, Australia. (Keppel Island and Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia)

Shell Art

Beach flowers

(4 PICTURES)… Originally made by very clever molluscs, then collected from the beach, these incredible little ocean treasures radiate stunning beauty. They are amazing flowers from the beach, like the […]