Pet Turtle


Sea Shell Craft idea… how to make a pet turtle with sea shells, in 7 easy steps.

STEP 1: Go on a treasure hunt at your nearest beach.

STEP 2: Look for these sea shells.

2-turtle-story 3-turtle-story

STEP 3: Paint the eyes with black nail polish.

STEP 4: Attach the eyes to the head with craft glue.

4-turtle-story 5-turtle-story

STEP 5: Place head and body onto any type of board and attach with glue.

STEP 6: Place another layer of shells onto the body and attach with glue.

6-turtle-story img_1311-c

STEP 7: Place legs and tail onto the board and attach with glue.

Pet Turtle is complete!

8-turtle-story img_1342-c

Sea Shell Turtles feature in the two children’s books:

“The Shell Creatures of Planet Zirconia”


“Pebbles and the Dream Shells”,

by V.Strathearn.



About Verena

I am fascinated by nature's amazing little treasures found on beaches. By creating art with shells, they can be preserved, enjoyed and admired in a different way.

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