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I am fascinated by nature's amazing little treasures found on beaches. By creating art with shells, they can be preserved, enjoyed and admired in a different way.

2 thoughts on “Sand lily

  1. Just finished reading your book Pebbles and the Dream shells which i read to my 4 year old grandaughter. She never tires of me reading it to her. But have to take it back to the library. I am hoping there will be more of your books at the library that i can get. If not i will definitely
    check the book shops. Great story for young children.

    1. Hi Maggie, so lovely to hear that your grand daughter enjoyed my book and I’m very happy about your wonderful comment, thank you. Not sure which library you are referring to, but there should be another book of mine, called “The Shell Creatures of Planet Zirconia”. It is for slightly older children and includes interesting facts about seashells and molluscs. Both books are also available from local bookstores and news agencies, or through lillypillypublishing.com or amazon.com. 🙂

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