The Frog Prince of Shelltopia

“The Frog Prince of Shelltopia”, a short story by V. Strathearn.



At the mysterious land of Shelltopia…

a beautiful rainbow hovered in the sky, long after the storm.

Quite suddenly, a handful of sea shells fell from the rainbow!

They landed on a patch of grass, not far from the beach.


With surprise, the sun looked down from the bright blue sky.

She pointed her magic heat waves towards the sea shells on the grass.

The sea shells began to move, when they felt the heat from the sun.

Then, within minutes, they mysteriously transformed into a cute little frog!


It was hot and the little frog needed to find shelter soon.

So he hopped to the nearest mushroom he could see.┬áSadly, it produced very little shade…

He still felt really hot. Scanning the grassland, he looked around for better shelter.


There, in the distance, he spotted perfect shelter.

It was a giant umbrella shaped toadstool and it made wonderful shade!

As soon as he reached the cool shade of the giant toadstool, he knew that he could rest peacefully.


All he needed then, was a crown to place on his head.

So he daydreamed and started wishing…

While relaxing and dozing off in the shade, a large golden crown magically appeared on his head.


After sunset, the golden crown glowed so brightly, that it lit up all of Shelltopia.

The little night creatures danced with joy and he proudly accepted the title of Frog Prince.


**Story, shell creations & photography by V. Strathearn**

About Verena

I am fascinated by nature's amazing little treasures found on beaches. By creating art with shells, they can be preserved, enjoyed and admired in a different way.

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